Month: April 2011

Easter in Roma

Organiser Lyn Kajewski outlines the activities, while local historian Peter Keegan talks about gas, oil and convicts. All the details at: Michael Cathcart talks to Lyn Kajewski, president of Easter in the Country; Peter Keegan, local historian. Lawn Mowing Service...

Diesel Dash

brandTitle: Landline brandTitleSEO: landline brandChannel: ABC1 brandChannelClass: ABC1 brandImage: NC1532Q_460.jpg brandTXDateNextOn: brandChannelSecondary: brandTXDateSecondary: brandSynopsis:Pip Courtney hosts Australia’s pre-eminent regional and rural television program covering farming, weather, food, innovation, mining, fisheries, agribusiness, commodity prices and other issues affecting regional communities. brandXML: