Five minutes with Ben

For Ben Tupas, a former teacher, graphic designer, and film maker, snagging the ABC Open job “really does distill everything I’ve done into one perfect dream job.”

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ABC Open is all about sharing stories, and Ben says “everyone has an amazing story to tell. They might not know it, or it might just be shared in their circles of friends. But there are some amazing stories that need to be heard because we can learn from each other and be inspired by each other. And sometimes it’s just nice to hear a great story that has changed someone else’s life.”

Ben will be holding workshops around the region in the coming months, touching on a broad range of themes.

“They’re free workshops, so that’s the other great thing, ABC Open is for everyone,” Ben says.

“I’m excited about giving people little tips so they can build on what they already know.”

You can learn more about Ben by reading his first blog post, part of the New In Town project.

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