Local olympian Tiffany Day

It’s a long way from the small town of Pittsworth to the bustling metropolis of Beijing. Tiffany Day will soon pack her bags for the Olympics, representing her country, and the small Queensland town, in judo.

Tiffany discovered the sport when she was five years old, “it was never intentionally set out in front of me…Mum and dad played tennis and the judo hut was next to the tennis courts. I didn’t like the tennis so I’d watch the judo, and I asked mum and dad to play”.

“It’s the most difficult sport I’ve ever played, and I’ve played a few. It’s very physical, you can get kicked and chocked and arm locked. Basically it’s like running a sprint for five minutes. It’s hard”.

As well as training, Tiffany studies Pharmacy at Griffith University, and says it’s quite an effort to juggle study and sport, “ideally you should be training everyday. Overseas they’re professionals. Over here it’s just a recreational sport. We have to run and do weights, try and get four to five sessions a week, I find it hard.”

Tiffany says the Beijing games have been a long time coming, “It’s been a goal since I was about twelve”

Tffany will compete in the under 48 kg category.

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